SERP Data Wisdom Pack: 3 Insights Towards a Better SEO Strategy

1. Factor Instant answers into a keyword’s value

2. Identify content and intent gaps

3. Keep an eye on SERP ranking changes

  • Topic: the content is mostly lists of foods that don’t contain gluten or guides on how to follow a gluten free diet. These two are the top subjects, with lists being the current champion.
  • Word count: the top ranks are relatively short articles of about 800 words, while the next pieces of content are longer, in the 1000–1300 range. Don’t look at data and assume that a certain length works in all situations, but this kind of insight can still be valuable for your content strategy.
  • Number of images: generally speaking, the top entries feature more images per word than the ones below them. That’s not very surprising, considering that photos make for better content, so search engines tend to factor that in.
  • Source website: the top contender is from a health and wellness publication, while the following ones are from websites dedicated to the subject or medical clinics that cover a wider range of topics. How does a generalized website beat the more focused ones? By having more traffic, links, and authority on connected topics. That’s a big factor for you to consider.

It’s the easy way that works



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