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Nowadays, search engines are just part of our daily life. We can rely on them to give us valuable information in no time. But how do they work?

Understanding what’s behind search engines can help you boost your marketing strategy or start your journey into data collection. Knowing which types of results to target when optimizing your website is crucial for a growing business.

In this article, we will take a look under the hood of search engines. …

Collecting SERP data at scale will help you figure out why you’re having trouble ranking with a particular collection of keywords and provide insight into the kinds of pages and material you’ll need to rate. You may want to extract a list of URLs from a Google web search on a specific search query now and then. To save heaps of your time, using an API to quickly obtain all the results, down to the last page.

When a user searches for something on Google, the SERPs are the pages that appear. …

Interned data extraction, also known as web scraping, has existed in a sort of a gray area, both legally and morally. While the process can be both extremely useful for the user and benign to the target websites, there’s no denying that scrapers and bots, in general, can be a huge nuisance too.

The subject of data extraction may seem uncertain to some, maybe shady, but it’s actually very straightforward. Let us show you:

Extracting data — legal or not?

The action of extracting data in itself is legal. After all, it’s almost the same as a normal user looking at that data and storing the…

Search engines, as widely used as they are, don’t often get the attention they deserve from businesses. After all, knowledge is power, and sites like Google or Bing are the most accessible portal to all the knowledge the Internet holds.

Besides simply looking for some data on a search engine and going to the first result it brings up, with a bit of ingenuity, you can learn much by seeing what kind of information the search engine results pages bring up.

In this article, we will go over three ways in which you can gain valuable SEO insights from these…


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